Hi there, my name is Heidi Woodman. I am the owner of Haus Love and lead designer of Haus Love Interiors. Welcome to my first blog post! I'm so excited to finally be sharing with you what inspires me, tips on home decor, trends in design, and so much more!!

Let's get started!! Appropriately, we are going to chat about color in home design. This used to be a pretty big struggle for me because I'm such a fan of the super clean white palate with warm wood accents. But as I become more experienced in design, I'm finding that there are definitely rooms where color can be so effective.

My favorite room to add a shot of color to is the dining room. In this day and age, most peeps have an island in their kitchen where they enjoy many family meals. However, it's still so nice to have that separate dining room for entertaining and big family gatherings. It is a room that you may not spend every day in, so why not pimp it out with color and personality!?

This room, from Vitra, is painted a dark green, almost black. This color gives the room depth and warmth. Nice and cozy for a big gathering!!

This image, by 2to5 design, is a favorite of mine. The value of this dark gray gives you the drama a dining room should have. I love the contrast the orb light gives to the vintage bentwood chairs as well.

Here's one more. This insanely gorgeous chalky blue is so effective in adding to the European vintage vibe they were trying to achieve. 

My next fave room to inject some color into is the den. It's usually completely separate from an open floor plan to allow for privacy, so it's easy to have fun with this space as well.

Designed by the Uber talented team at Studio McGee, this super dark green is just so spot on, and creates that cozy feeling a den should have.

Here is another cozy den, created by D2 Interieurs. Love this classic navy grass cloth with the warm wood coffered ceiling. While the ceiling adds a beautiful architectural detail, the depth of the dark navy is also effective in making the room more interesting.

Surprisingly, my favorite room in the house to add color is in the kitchen. Although I love me a clean white kitchen, I feel as if the most talked about kitchens have great color. I think it adds a European vibe, especially if you throw in some vintage art or lighting.

Ok, seriously, have you EVER seen anything so beautiful? This image is from Devol Kitchens, my all time fave kitchen designers. The dark green, with the brass handles, the art, the lighting, the marble. This kitchen would not even be happening in a white, sorry guys. 

They love them a shaker style cabinet, and I do as well. Look at how they've taken the cabinet color onto the walls. Even though shaker is tradish, when you paint the cabinets and walls the same color it adds a seamless, clean modern element to the space. Again, would not be feeling as much love in white.

Another image from Devol kitchens. It looks like the island is an indigo, and the wall cabinets are a chalky grey-green. It's just brilliant! It does take a minute to pick the right cabinet color, but as you can see, it really adds so much personality to your kitchen.

So this wraps up my first blog post guys, I'm so excited to share with you what's inspiring me lately. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and please share with your friends if you enjoyed this post!!