Haus Love : October Reflections on Wood

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October 2019 Newsletter

I want everyone to take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, clear your mind, and imagine a world with no trees.


It’s a pretty bleak world. There would be no shade, no dappled light dancing on the grass, no life giving oxygen being emitted into our atmosphere. Those are just the first few thoughts that filled my mind when I began imagining this world.


The vastness of services the tree provides us is what struck me the most. It gives us the most basic element needed to survive to the most luxurious of design items and everything in between.
What got me thinking about the beautiful glorious tree was the newest pieces that have come into the store.


We currently have a wonderful stockpile of wood items. We have vintage cutting boards and dough bowls from turkey, rustic wood vessels, and a whole slew of new books. 

These items are priced right and will add that visual warmth to your home that we all crave. They will also be an everyday reminder of the power of the tree and hopefully foster an even greater appreciation and awe of this life giving creation we are so lucky to have on our planet.

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We are excited to announce the date of our Annual Holiday Haus Party. Mark your calendars for the evening of November 8. We are really excited about the party this year. Watch your email and instagram for details.

Now go hug a tree,

The Haus Love Team

September : Haus Love


September 2019 Newsletter

September marks the beginning of sentimental season. A few years back a friend of mine commented on how she begins to feel sentimental and reminiscent in September. It may have been just a passing comment but it stuck with me on a deep level. I think we all start to focus on the internal this time of year.


We start to think about cool nights with camp fires, cozy conversations with friends, past memories, and future memories that will be made in coming months. It is time to start gathering those items to make our homes ready for parties and hibernation.


Our memories are tied to the senses so it reasons to focus on the five senses when getting your home ready for fall.


Adding a chunky throw or woven pillow to a chair or sofa will create that cozy curl up feeling. A wood charcuterie board will add warmth to the kitchen area and will uplift any bites served. Smells are so important and set the tone as soon as you or others enter your home. We have the fall scents from Linnea’s Lights and are especially excited about the new scent “Gather”.


With a few small tweaks your home can be the go to hibernation station and will be filled with the sounds of the memories that will last a lifetime.
Be Well,
Haus Love Team